Official OnePlus Mobile Driver for Windows

OnePlus USB Driver for Windows V1.0.0.0

Download OnePlus Driver, made by OnePlus. OnePlus USB Drivers work perfectly with all OnePlus devices running Android OS. Therefore, all lines of devices, new and old, are compatible with this latest OnePlus USB Driver.

OnePlus USB Driver
NameOnePlus USB Driver
TypeUSB Driver for OnePlus Android Phones
DeveloperOnePlus Technology Co., Ltd
File Size11.6 MB
SupportsMicrosoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
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The OnePlus USB Drivers are entirely free of cost. So there is no need to pay anything to use the Software.


The OnePlus USB Drivers are 100% secure as it is made and offered directly by OnePlus Community.


OnePlus USB Driver is compatible with Windows Computer. Whether it is new or old, both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.


OnePlus Community officially makes the OnePlus USB Driver. It is available for the public to connect the OnePlus devices to the computer.


The OnePlus USB Drivers support all the OnePlus Smartphones and Tablets running on the Android OS.


The OnePlus USB Driver shared on this page is constantly updated to the latest version.


Why do we need OnePlus USB Driver?

As you might know, OnePlus released their first OnePlus Smartphone, i.e., OnePlus One, back in April 2014. Since then, the OnePlus devices have gained massive popularity worldwide.

The Android-based OnePlus devices are compatible with the official ADB drivers. But in some cases, the ADB drivers fail to work when you try to flash or install Stock Firmware on the OnePlus Devices or while writing or fixing the IMEI number on the device.

And to fix this, OnePlus officially released the OnePlus USB Driver for Windows that allows you to connect your OnePlus Smartphone or Tablet to the computer. Once you have installed the OnePlus USB Driver on the computer, you can easily connect the OnePlus device to the computer.

It can be helpful if you are trying to transfer data from the OnePlus device to the computer or from the computer to the OnePlus device. You can also use it to sync the data between the computer and the OnePlus device.

You can also use the OnePlus USB Driver to update your device's OS. When the OnePlus device is connected to the computer, a PC Suite application can easily allow you to update/upgrade the mobile OS.

Download OnePlus USB Driver for Windows


Download OnePlus Driver v1.0.0.0 for Windows

How to Install OnePlus USB Driver on Windows?

Follow the guidelines below to install the OnePlus USB Driver on the Windows Computer.

  1. Download and extract the OnePlus USB Driver on the Computer.
  2. Once the OnePlus USB Driver package is extracted, you will get the OnePlus-USB-Driver-Setup.exe file.
  3. OnePlus USB Driver Setup
  4. Double-Click on the OnePlus-USB-Driver-Setup.exe file to launch the Setup Window.
  5. Once the Setup Window is launched, Choose the preferred language and Click on the OK Button.
  6. OnePlus USB Driver Setup Language
  7. Click on the Install button.
  8. OnePlus USB Driver Setup Install
  9. Now, OnePlus Driver will be installed on the computer (this may take a few seconds to complete).
  10. OnePlus USB Driver Installing
  11. Once the installation process is completed, Click on the Finish button to exit the Setup Window.
  12. OnePlus USB Driver Setup Finish
  13. Restart the Computer. Once the computer is restarted, you can easily connect the OnePlus devices to the computer.

OnePlus USB Driver – Help and Information

What is OnePlus USB Drivers?

OnePlus USB drivers are the official drivers for the OnePlus line of phones and tablets. They are used to connect your OnePlus device to a computer or laptop to transfer data, update your device's software, or debug it. While you can usually find the latest OnePlus USB drivers on the OnePlus website, they are also available through third-party websites.

For which platforms are OnePlus USB Drivers for Mobile Phones available?

The OnePlus USB Driver for OnePlus Android devices is available for all computers running on Windows OS, whether a Windows XP or the latest Windows 11. Both 32-bit and 64-bit computers are supported. Unfortunately, it is unavailable for Mac OS X computers or MacOS and Linux.

Is OnePlus USB Driver free?

Yes. The OnePlus USB Driver is 100% free since the OnePlus community officially releases it for the OnePlus Smartphone and Tablet users. OnePlus device owners can find the exact OnePlus drivers on the OnePlus Support forums.

Is OnePlus USB Driver safe?

Yes. The OnePlus USB Driver is 100% safe for the computer, laptop, and OnePlus mobile. Furthermore, since the OnePlus community officially releases the driver, it's 100% safe and secure to use on the computer.

How often is the OnePlus USB Driver updated?

There is no fixed schedule during which OnePlus updates the USB drivers. Instead, updates are released to fix bugs and improve performance when needed. All updates come directly from OnePlus.

How can I install OnePlus USB Driver?

You can install the OnePlus USB Driver by downloading the .exe file and installing the driver on the Computer. The installation process is quite similar to the standard Windows Application. You can follow the How to install the OnePlus Driver page to install the drivers correctly.

What devices does OnePlus USB Driver work with?

OnePlus USB Drivers are explicitly designed for OnePlus smartphones and tablets running on Google's Android operating system. The OnePlus USB Driver fully supports all OnePlus smartphones and tablets. It may or may not work for other devices.

Does OnePlus USB Driver require an internet connection to use?

No. The OnePlus USB Driver does not require an active internet connection to be used on a Windows computer or a laptop. You can connect OnePlus devices to the computer via a USB cable, so no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is required.

Can I view the contents on my device with the OnePlus USB Driver?

OnePlus USB Driver is a free program that allows you to view the contents of your device on your computer. It can be useful if you want to transfer files between your computer and device or back up your data. You can also use the OnePlus USB Driver to install applications on your device.

Does OnePlus USB Driver work with both mobile and desktop devices?

The OnePlus USB Driver is designed to be installed on a Windows PC or a laptop to ensure seamless communication between your OnePlus device and the Windows computer. But, of course, you need an OnePlus device to work with a computer.

Where can I find the OnePlus Stock Firmware?

If you are looking for the OnePlus Stock Firmware (ROM) for OnePlus Smartphone and Tablets, then head over to Download OnePlus Firmware (ROM) page. is not affiliated or endorsed by OnePlus Technology Co., Ltd | Hosted on Hostinger, CDN by BunnyCDN

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